Social Security periodically reviews your medical impairment(s) to determine if you continue to have a disabling condition. If we determine that you are no longer disabled or blind, your benefits will stop. We call this review a Continuing Disability Review (CDR).

Once you are notified that you disability benefits will stop its an opportunity for your case to be appealed and to prove with evidence that your disability continues to persist.  Once appealed your disability benefits will continue until a final decision is made.

During a CDR – The Slayton Group’s mission is to prove that your disability persists and continue to prevent you from working on a full time basis.  We prove this through continued medical treatment that you have received during this time, collect statements from your treating doctors, possible letters of support from family members and most importantly, your testimony.  Click here if you have received a letter indicating that your benefits are going to stop. We’re here to help, Your Health is Worth the Fight!