Notary, Paralegal & Housing Services in the Parishes of Jefferson, Orleans, St. Bernard and Plaquemines – State of Louisiana.

Louisiana Notary is authorized to pass authentic judicial acts which are intended to have the character of authenticity.  Simply stated, a notary can notarize and prepare documents that require notarization and confirm the identity as well as the knowledge of the documents of the individual executing the document.

Paralegals assist in preparing legal documents for those representing themselves in any legal matter. Upon request, we can also file any documents at the required District Court.  We do not give legal advice!

Social Security Disability Representation – we represent claimants who file for social security disability claims for SSDI, SSI, Widows and Veterans.  During our representation, we assess each case, gather and collect all medical evidence in support of your claim, appeal any denials from the initial, reconsideration and hearing stages of the claim, prepare and submit written briefs prior to the claimant’s hearing before an Administrative Law Judge as well as represent the claimant at the hearing.  

Housing is provided for low-income individuals and Veterans who qualify for government assisted housing voucher programs.  We build or renovate and manage each housing facility.