I was born and raised in the city known as “Money Earnin” Mount Vernon, New York.  Since my early teens I have always had a heightened desire to be a part of and excel with the corporate America structure.  I received my education from Berkely College and Mercy University all while working at General Motors Acceptance Corporation as a clerk and their Notary Public.  Upon marriage to a gentleman, I met in the 3rd grade, I moved to New Orleans where I earned an MS Degree in Legal Studies and an MS Degree in Leadership.  I was offered a job in NYC as a Case Administrator for a Panel of 9 Superior Court Judges for the State of New Jersey acting as Mediators/Arbitrators for billion-dollar corporations.  That was an experience of a lifetime as well as intimidating, but I excelled in every aspect of the position. After serving my panel of judges for one year, I took the leap of faith and returned to New Orleans.  It was in New Orleans that I really began to sharpen my skills as a Paralegal by working for law firms such as Barkan & Neff (Social Security Disability), Phelps Dunbar (Traveling Litigation) and Bryan & Jupiter (Criminal and Civil Law).  While working for Barkan & Neff, I took the Louisiana Notary Exam and began utilizing that skill at my firms.  

Whilst honing in on my paralegal skillset I took a part-time job as an independent closing notary public and began to create a lucrative notary business.  It was then I realized that corporate America would limit my abilities as opposed to going out on my own.  This is when the Annointedd Notary was born, and a 1 stop shop created.  

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, my husband gave me a book and said, “I heard this book is a good read, let me know what you think.”  The book was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.  This book changed my life.  I added real estate investing to my repertoire and the rest is history. 

Aside from the logistical aspect of my services.  My services provide assistance to ordinary individuals with typical needs.  I love interacting with all people and being able to assist where others require guidance.  I am an open and friendly individual who is also goal oriented and task-focused, who loves the entire aspect of administration and who is always looking for an opportunity to help others.  I love mentoring young people by giving them small nuggets that they will never forget in life.  

In my free time, I love traveling to places where I have never been in and outside of the U.S.  I love traveling by boat, plane, train and auto.  I love them all.  My personal traveling goal is to visit every state in the US.  Out of our 50 states I have visited 30, I have quite a few to go.

I’ve already visited Italy, Greece, France, Canada, the Grand Canyon, and the normal stop overs while on a cruise ship.  My 2025 goal is to tour South Africa. 

I also serve as Captain of the 40+ Double Dutch Club – New Orleans SubClub, Friendship, Fitness, Fun, Fellowship is a must, and there I have access to all of it.

My motto in life is to:  Enjoy where you are in life at that moment in order to really appreciate the experience for years to come.  Leave regret and complaints for others to entertain, NOT YOU! 

I am local, I am National, meaning I have connections within the 50 states when it specifically comes to housing and disability representation.  I am a member of a network of over 1.5 million members which include the National Notary Association, National Association of Disability Representatives as well as the National Real Estate Investment Club.  If I can’t bring the solutions, I know someone who can.

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