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Disability Representation

The Slayton Group, LLC is known for executing with excellence. Our main goal is to win your social security disability claim immediately upon representation. Your claim can be won without attending a hearing and that is our mission. Your health is worth the fight!

Why choose
The Slayton Group?

Because we are experts at getting disability applications granted, you should select The Slayton Group for our professional services. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims are the main priority of The Slayton Group. We win more disability claims thanks to our expertise, and we do so more quickly. As a result, you receive the necessary health and disability insurance benefits.

Appeal Your
Disability Denial

Our area of expertise at The Slayton Group is challenging Social Security disability rejections. The majority of SSDI and SSI disability claims are actually rejected prior to being eventually granted. After a refusal, we know what it takes to have a disability claim granted. The Slayton Group will keep trying until you succeed.

Your Disability Claim

An important step in your disability claim is the Disability Hearing before the Administrative Judge. In order to ensure a Fully Favorable Decision, your claim will need to be thoroughly processes and fully developed. Our team is experienced in the collection and review of medical records, medical source statements, consultative exam rebuttals, if necessary, as well as the social security listings. We have several years of experience representing SSDI and SSI clients, and we will use our qualified expertise to win your Disability Hearing.

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